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Welcome to Coyle Chiropractic

Coyle ChiropracticCoyle Chiropractic is a family-oriented chiropractic office in Amherst NY that is owned by Dr. Barbara Coyle. Coyle Chiropractic offers a great deal more than just great chiropractic services. It is a place where patients find relief and are encouraged to achieve balance in their daily lives.

Dr. Barbara Coyle is passionate about her chosen field and has created an environment that promotes healing. In an effort to help her patients feel as comfortable as possible, she offers a variety of Traditional Chiropractic and Alternative Health treatment options, including Spinal Decompression.

If you are not familiar with the various treatment options, please look through our website, email us or just give us a call and we can explain. Whatever conditions or symptoms you are experiencing, we'd be glad to discuss any options with you. Below is a brief list of the musculoskeletal conditions which have brought patients to Dr. Coyle's office:

~Low back pain
~Leg pain
~Extremity numbness
~Shoulder pain
~Carpel tunnel
~Neck pain
~Foot pain (plantar fascitis)
~Upper back pain
~Rib pain
~Knee pain
~Pinched nerves
~Muscle pain or stiffness
~TMJ pain
~Lumbar disc degeneration
~Spinal disc bulges and herniations
~Cervical disc degeneration
~Low back pain during pregnancy




In addition to the above conditions, patients also often report improvements in some of the following symptoms by regular chiropractic treatment:

~Sinus congestion
~Allergy symptoms
~Poor sleep




*Coyle Chiropractic participates in most insurances.
However, Spinal decompression, NET and NRT treatments are not covered by insurance.
For non-covered services, Dr. Coyle accepts cash, check or credit card.

For more information on our services or fees, please call: 716-834-5862
or click below to email us at:

We look forward to welcoming you to Coyle Chiropractic, a place where you can Achieve Balance through a Healing Touch. 5386 Sheridan Dr. Williamsville, New York 14221